The current trend (and evident future) of healthcare within the UK, involves ever increasing volumes of
progressively complex medical imaging. Dramatic increases in demand for access to imaging from
referrers, community care services and patents across a raft of disparate care settings, is growing
exponentially. Affordable, efficient image management, lower-cost storage and faster, dependable transfer
solutions that span a multitude of scenarios are essential to promote collaborative care-networks that are
able to handle, automate and ease increased workloads.
Cimar provides a Vendor Neutral Medical Imaging Cloud to the private and public sectors within the UK
(and Internationally), that seamlessly overcomes the limitations and costs of legacy sharing practices and
incumbent proprietary systems. Cimar offer a powerful network agnostic cloud solution, that automates
and streamlines the medical image exchange process between imaging facilities, services, care providers
and their patients.
Our customisable cloud workflows, include cloud VNA, borderless image exchange, zero-footprint
diagnostic viewing/reporting, Disaster Recovery in the Cloud (DRaaS) and powerful API integration
capabilities into EMR, HIE, Patient Portal and other applications. These solutions uniquely position us to
deliver an unparalleled image management solution, that put our clients at the fore-front of the healthcare
digital revolution.
Our partnership with UK Cloud as our Service hosts, ensures advanced, dependable, ultra-secure and
elastic hosting features, to store and handle our clients ever-growing data requirements. We are able to
offer our clients the assurance of high availability and industry leading security coupled with significant
storage technology and cost saving. Together with UK Cloud, and NHS Digital, Cimar’s innovative Cloud
architectures enables compliant access exclusively inside N3 for the NHS, as well as securely through N3 to
internet users, and outside N3 only access, facilitating borderless image exchange between the UK’s public
and private sectors. This pioneering cloud architecture securely bridges networks, legacy systems and web
services as one cloud solution spanning all healthcare imaging access needs.

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