Cinos Communications Services

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Cinos Communications Services is part of the Cinos group, a well established and trusted organisation with a global reputation for quality.

Our vision is to be the leading trusted partner for the delivery of infrastructure, communications, unified communications and collaboration services to the UK public sector and UK enterprise.

Our services span five key service areas; Enterprise Networking, Unified Communications & Collaboration, Collaboration Networks, Connectivity and Cloud.

Cinos is the first UK partner to leverage the UK Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Assured OFFICIAL and Elevated OFFICIAL platforms and N3, HSCN, PSN and Internet connectivity to deliver our Unified Communications solution to a range of public sector customers.

Cinos recently set up and financed a 60 ‘man day’ Proof of Concept video conferencing trial in the Chelsea and Westminster and North Middlesex Trusts. The PoC brought multiple vendor endpoints into a single MDT VC with Cisco end-points. Demonstrating the advantages of the Cisco endpoints, and incorporating the one button to join VC. We received excellent clinical and corporate feedback

Alongside this Cinos continue to work with Health and Social care organisations to deploy HealthConnect, an application that enables secure, scheduled video consultation hosted on UK Cloud’s IaaS.

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