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Whether youre seeking to break into Health and Care, Research and Life Sciences or the Pharmaceutical sector, or you're looking to simply grow your existing business in these sectors, we can help. Our offerings are all based upon real sector requirements and policies, so whatever your customers needs we have the features and service options to meet them. And you get to leverage our accredited platform specifically designed for these sectors, taking away all the worry about the precise infrastructure-related security and connectivity requirements which these markets require.

UKCloud Health is a N3 Aggregator and as you'll no longer be able to buy N3 services from the N3 Service Provider contract after 31 March 2017 UKCloud Health will still be able to offer N3 connected solution. The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is a new data network for health and care organisations. HSCN replaces the current centrally managed N3 national private network.

Compliance is at the heart of what we do and this will not be compromised even given the nature of a much more open and accessible HSCN. The aim of UKCloud is to make the N3-HSCN transition a no-cost change for our existing N3 customers, with absolutely minimal or zero impact on service.

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