Research & Life Sciences

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Research & Life Sciences Introduction

With ambitious programmes, such as the 100,000 Genomes Project, it is key that research and life sciences organisations are able to store, manage and access data in an efficient and secure way. This is essential in stimulating and advancing the UK life sciences industry and increasing public understanding.

With improved research and on-going trials comes an increasing level of data, and no longer can legacy systems manage and utilise this. Whether they become slow to manage the data or simply cannot store the amount required whilst remaining cost effective, UKCloud Health has alternative solutions that can ensure budget restraints are being met whilst providing a reliable, secure and efficient way to store data and utilise the information your organisation requires.

UKCloud Health provides a scalable, UK sovereign cloud platform to support population health solutions. We are fully certified under Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO27001, ISO27018. CSA STAR, PSN Service Provider and N3 aggregator.


From improved discovery from genomic insights to enhanced efficiency from greater collaboration, research is becoming ever more dependent on best use of business insights, analytics and computational power.

Clinical Trial Management

Maximising the security and privacy of clinical trial data while ensuring end-to-end accuracy and integrity requires a high level of data governance.

Our solutions can assist your organisation to run faster clinical trials with better transparency and enable easier access to trial information so you can make smarter strategic decisions.

IP Management

From improved monitoring of and protection from intellectual property infringement, to enhanced marketing of intellectual property rights to maximise revenue streams, a data-driven approach has become essential.

UKCloud provides secure scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service for applications and data for a full IP Management programme.

UKCloud Health and its Partners

A team of technology specialists with application and solutions for research and life sciences to support your digital transformation. One that understand your needs and speaks your language, from protecting the privacy of Intellectual Property, to gaining insights from data to drive genomic analysis and new drug discovery.

We are passionate about cloud, focused on research and life sciences, and committed to you. Spanning the Healthcare sector, our team brings communities together to enable collaboration, innovation and digital transformation. You can use our scale, specialist capability and data-gravity, to empower decision-making and deliver accelerated insights.

Research & Life Sciences market's priorities

Strategic Priorities

The never-ending strategic focus on quality of care, innovation and continuous improvement of services and outcomes, built on a foundation financially viability and organisational governance.

  • Insights and Business Intelligence
  • Improved Decision-Making
  • Accelerated Innovation
  • Process & Service Improvement
  • Digital Business Transformation

Technical Priorities

Digital transformation is enabling providers and suppliers to collaborate to deliver excellence and value in patient care, teaching and research within a culture of compassion and integrity

  • Portability and Choice vs Lock-in
  • Security of Patient Identifiable Data
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Connectivity and Data Gravity
  • Privacy and UK Sovereignty

Financial Priorities

The constant financial pressure to do more with less – using technology-driven innovation and transformation as a catalyst for gradual improvements in efficiency.

  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Operational Transformation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Fair Contractual Terms

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