Activ8rlives is a suite of products for Self-Care and Remote Monitoring, developed through 3 generations over 7 years, three NHS trials and commercialised progressively and focused on respiratory medicine initially but extended to weight management, cardiovascular, cancer and other long-term conditions (LTC).


The core platform (medical devices, Apps and Cloud) are adaptable for LTC and age-appropriateness, and is beneficial for two main groups: (a) low-number, high cost patients requiring remote monitoring for co-morbidities from patient-generated data, and (b) high-number, low-cost self-monitoring daily upload from home with arms-length monitoring.

Activ8rlives sells directly to consumers via Amazon and other distribution channels, with sales growth at 200% per annum as demand for Self-Care and Self-Monitoring devices from the public increases. Amazon reviews are highly positive, 4.8/ 5.0 star, for customer service, which we provide 7-days-a-week is highly valued by our older users.

Patients within NHS programmes give high score for service satisfaction (average age 75 years and most patients are at GOLD COPD stage 4- very frail). Our Information Governance Policy is aligned so that we adhere to the NHS IGToolKit in all we develop.