Compute Intensive Infrastructure

Compute Intensive Infrastructure is designed for large scale workloads (e.g. HPC, Grid Engines) that have a long-term requirement for cost-effective and highly scalable compute resources. The service leverages UKCloud Health’s trusted cloud platform that is connected to all the key government networks including N3/HSCN.

The inherent scale and elasticity of cloud makes it an ideal environment for large-scale compute-intensive workloads such as Grid Engines, High Performance/Throughput Compute (HPC/HTC) and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), some of which has an enduring requirement for large amounts of processor cores and memory.

UKCloud Health’s Compute Intensive Infrastructure service is designed for these types of workloads which are increasingly common in Health & Care, Research and Pharmaceutical environments. In return for a volume and term commitment for a large number of compute cores, customers get a cost-effective, highly scalable infrastructure to support their compute intensive Solution.

The service is provided with a variety of cluster-wide options as follows:

  • Choice of our natively internet-connected Assured OFFICIAL domain or our Elevated OFFICIAL domain which is primarily connected to government secure networks.
  • Choice of network connections including N3/HSCN, DDoS-protected Internet, PSN Assured, PSN Protected (including legacy networks such as GSI, PNN, CJX), RLIand JANET.
  • Choice of virtual CPU mode. Compute Intensive Infrastructure is based on hyper-threaded cores which provide a cost-effective solution for compute-intensive workloads. You can opt for Native mode by using up to half the allocated cores to ensure a one-to-one mapping between virtual CPUs and physical (non hyper-threaded) cores for maximum processing power.
  • Choice of core-to-memory ratio. All VMs in your compute-intensive cluster must be identically configured based on one of two core-to-memory ratios.

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