Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle

Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle provides customers with a configurable self-service infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) powered by Oracle VM (OVM) technology that fully complies with the compatibility and licensing requirements of Oracle-based enterprise applications.

This service is provided within the UKCloud Health trusted and assured cloud platform with a wide-range of network connectivity. UKCloud Health provides and maintains the core infrastructure that will allow you to bring your own Oracle licensing and build a solution unique to your needs. This provides flexibility to scale your resource usage as your needs evolve, without the historical on-going hardware investment associated with Oracle.

Oracle provides a popular and powerful suite of products, utilised extensively by many UK healthcare organisations and their partners; established as a vital and integral part of their solutions and services.

UKCloud Health offers the Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle platform which is designed to enhance our unique capabilities such as; assured connectivity to N3/HSCN (as well as PSN, RLI and Janet) communities, multiple security domains and 100% UK sovereignty via a specialist cost-effective Oracle platform.

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