Private Cloud Compute

Our Private Cloud – Compute product provides single-tenant Compute as a Service, where your compute needs are hosted either in one of our data centres, to gain the benefits of our Assured and Elevated OFFICIAL cloud platforms; or in your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC).

Private Cloud – Compute enables you to harness a dedicated infrastructure that is sized for predictable types of workloads:

  • Provides assurance of additional isolation within the community of UK public-sector customers.
  • Promotes less complex compute management; no more managing compliance, hypervisors or hardware you are able to consume assured cloud computing.

The service provides a better way to deliver the private cloud element of a hybrid cloud strategy with secure, UK-sovereign hosting, management by UK government security-cleared experts and accredited connectivity to government community networks such as N3/HSCN.

The service is designed for organisations whose particular requirements suit a dedicated compute infrastructure, rather than a multi-tenant compute solution. It is ideal if you need:

  • Scale – for a unique hardware configuration (for example, high-performance compute and SAP HANA).
  • Enhanced assurance – for additional isolation within the community of UK public-sector customers.
  • Control over your budget – choose between a predictable cost model and ownership of the infrastructure asset.

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