Private Cloud Storage

Traditionally buying or expanding existing NAS/SAN filers is not a viable solution to managing explosive unstructured content growth as one ends up with dozens of expensive Tier 1 filers or clusters, hundreds of file systems, thousands of snaps, complicated backup regimes, growing demands on power, cooling, space, and above all high operational management costs. Our Private Cloud – Storage removes these challenges by providing a highly-scalable, cost-effective, secure and consumption-based storage solution.

Private Cloud – Storage provides single-tenant storage Infrastructure as a Service. Your data is hosted in one of our UK data centres, to gain the benefits of our mature and proven Assured and Elevated cloud platforms; or in your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC).

Private Cloud – Storage is designed to be deployed as part of a larger solution to include genuine cloud services such as Enterprise Compute Cloud, Cloud Native Infrastructure, Cloud Native Application Platform or Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle. This enables you to leverage the benefits of the UKCloud Health assured cloud platform; even on infrastructure that is entirely dedicated to you.

This service offers a dedicated storage infrastructure as a service, which provides increased performance consistency and data security over traditional multi-tenant public cloud storage options. It is ideal if you need:

  • Scale – it offers petabyte-scalable storage
  • Enhanced isolation – it provides insulation from other workloads and customers
  • Control over your budget – it has a predictable cost model

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