What We Do

We provide trusted, cost-effective and flexible cloud services optimised to power healthcare communities by supporting innovation, digital transformation and collaboration. Our UK sovereign platform supports an array of outcome-based solutions from our ecosystem of specialist healthcare technology partners.

Our range of cloud services create an easy to use platform which offers a secure, flexible, collaborative environment to help you harness healthcare technology so you can focus on improving patient outcomes, driving down costs and enhancing front-line services.

Our market leading platform powers hundreds of UK public sector workloads, giving us unparalleled specialism and experience. Recognised as the UK's Best G-Cloud Service Provider 2017 and Best Cloud Service Provider 2017, UKCloud has a track record of delivering regular innovation whilst also setting new standards for value for money.

Infrastructure as a Service

UKCloud Health offers a choice of cloud hosting technologies designed to reflect the wide variety of traditional ‘Enterprise’ systems and modern ‘Cloud Native’ applications. Our secure, flexible and cost-effective IaaS services provide a single platform which facilitates interoperability between different systems and applications.

Enterprise Compute Cloud

UKCloud Health’s Enterprise Compute Cloud is powered by proven and familiar VMware, Zerto, Cisco and DellEMC technologies to reduce the cost and risk traditionally associated with running your critical enterprise systems in the cloud.

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Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle

Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle is powered by Oracle technologies to provide a supported, cost-effective and flexible cloud hosting platform for Oracle based applications. This innovative service from UKCloud Health helps you to reduce the cost and risk of running Oracle solutions which can be cost prohibitive to move to other cloud platforms.

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Cloud Native Infrastructure

Powered by OpenStack, UKCloud Health’s Cloud Native Infrastructure provides a full suite of modern, highly scalable and flexible IaaS services that address the needs of DevOps and WebOps communities.

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Compute Intensive Infrastructure

This service from UKCloud Health provides an ideal environment for large-scale compute-intensive workloads such as Grid Engines, High Performance/Throughput Compute (HPC/HTC) and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) which are common in research and clinical contexts across the healthcare community.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage from UKCloud Health is a secure next-generation storage platform which delivers exceptional value-for-money to support a wide variety of use cases. It’s based on specialist object storage technology which is natively optimised for the resilience, scale and performance demands of cloud-based.

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Private Cloud Compute

Our Private Cloud – Compute product provides single-tenant cloud hosting environment, where your individual compute needs are delivered from a dedicated infrastructure from one of our secure, UK data centres; or from your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC).

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Private Cloud Storage

UKCloud Health can provide a single-tenant storage environment to support traditional storage solutions such as NAS filers accessed via NFS or CIFS. This dedicated infrastructure is delivered from one of our secure, UK data centres; or from your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC).

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Platform as a Service

Our secure and convenient platform services enable you to focus on developing, running and managing cloud native applications or big data solutions. We provide a trusted and easy-to-use platform which is uniquely connected to the N3/HSCN making it easy to interoperate with legacy systems and connect to existing communities of users.

Hadoop in the Cloud

Our Hadoop in the Cloud service, powered by open-source Hadoop, offers the highest levels of performance and security, enabling you to extract new and improved insights from your datasets of sensitive health and care data.

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Cloud Native Application Platform

We use the most popular open source container management and PaaS technology to provide a secure, flexible and scalable application hosting platform. This enables you to accelerate the development, deployment and operation of your apps whilst increasing app reliability and availability – without getting locked into a proprietary cloud platform

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Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) – UKCloud provides SaaS solutions both directly (e.g. Email and Collaboration as a Service) and via our broad selection of ISV partners who have chosen to deliver their SaaS applications via the UKCloud platform.

Email and Collaboration

UKCloud’s Email & Collaboration service provides a centrally hosted solution that offers Enterprise Class communication and collaboration for organisations wanting significant cost savings, feature-rich technology and a guarantee on service availability – all at per user per month pricing model.

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Supporting Services

UKCloud Health provides a set of supporting services to meet our clients' needs. If you would like to know more then get in touch.

Cross Domain Security Zone

Through our long history supporting the government’s digital agenda and our heritage of being CESG PGA at Elevated OFFICIAL, UKCloud pioneered the creation of Cross Domain solutions. The UKCloud Cross Domain Security Zone (CDSZ) enables you to securely transfer data between our Assured OFFICIAL and Elevated OFFICIAL cloud platforms using Cross Domain security patterns.

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Secure Remote Access

The UKCloud Secure Remote Access service enables customers to securely connect to the UKCloud Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) cloud platform, using CESG-approved internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies and the ‘Walled Garden’ architectural pattern using bastion hosts.

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