PretaGov Case Study

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Discharging patients from hospitals to social care providers ensures they continue to get the care and support they need, but widely used paper-based transfer processes often cause delays. To streamline the task and reduce delayed transfers, NHS Digital is building healthsector standards-compliant electronic forms using PretaGov’s low-code platform, hosted by UKCloud Health.

When patients are discharged from hospital, information about their ongoing needs is frequently handwritten on paper forms and sent by fax to social care providers. It’s a practice that’s continued because, to date, it’s often been more reliable than using electronic forms. That’s because the various IT systems used by hospitals and social care providers often don’t talk to each other, which makes it difficult to exchange data electronically.

But completing the forms by hand is time consuming, faxes can go astray, and there’s always the risk of handwritten notes being misread. All of which can cause delays and other issues around transfers of care.